Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Decadent Autumnal Dessert…

Pear, Blackberry and Chocolate Tart from A Slice of Cherry Pie

As much as I love Spring and Summer, there is something I find comforting when the clocks go back.  To me it really signifies that Autumn is now here.  There will soon be the knock on the door of ghosts and ghouls asking for treats or giving tricks, the smoke filled air as flashes of colour and bangs take over the night sky.  Or it could be that Christmas is fast approaching.

It has become a bit of a tradition now, that when the clocks go back it’s time to make Beef Cobbler.  A warm and satisfying meal, just what you crave when the nights draw in.  Sunday morning I was sat enjoying a cup of tea, leisurely looking through cookbooks for a fitting dessert to go with it.  Turning the pages in Julia Parsons ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie’, I come across what must be the most autumnal and decadent dessert I have seen – Pear, Blackberry and Chocolate Tart.  So simple to make and put together, flavours that match past perfection and every spoonful is a luxury.

I have now made this several times in the last few weeks, and every time it receives compliment after compliment with many a guest proclaiming this is the best dessert they have had.  Go on, try it yourself.


  1. Ah, I was just reading this article when you left a comment on my site! Of all the blogs on the net - what a coincidence!

  2. Hey Scott - It's a small world!