Monday, 26 April 2010

The Garden 2010 – At the beginning…

Nothing can beat going out into your garden to pick, dug up or collect fruit and vegetables that you have grown with your own fair hands.  Or going into the garden and snipping some fresh home grown herbs.  Then taking all this fabulous produce into your kitchen, and creating something tasty, delicious and very fresh.  Well, to be honest, I don’t actually know if this is the case as I have never had the opportunity to do this before.

Back in March, driving back from a trip up on the Yorkshire Moors, we stopped at Castle Howard.  This is a stunning 18th-Century residence, with luxurious interiors and over 1,000 acres of stunning landscapes.  It also has a fantastic farm shop, selling produce and meat from the Estate.  On the Estate grounds is a plant centre, and it was there while looking through the centre, I picked up a seed catalogue.  The intention was just to find a few herb seeds, as I wanted to grow herbs that I use on a regular basis (Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley and Coriander).  As I said, that was the intention.  While flicking though this catalogue, I come across a range of seeds that immediately grabbed my attention.

My Garden (4)

You see, we have a very small garden.  One that is not any good for growing any type of vegetables.  The vast majority of the garden is patio or brick paved.  So there lied the problem of wanting to grow your own vegetables.  That was until I found this particular range of seeds – Kew Urban Garden Collection.  These are designed by Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, so that they can be grown in small pots, containers or windowsills.  Happy days!!

Seeds in Pot

I also purchased a selection of herb seeds from Duchy Originals.  Once ordered on-line, I waited in anticipation for them to arrive, as I know some of these really should have already been planted.  So that was it, once they arrived, I was away in the garden with pots, seeds and compost.  So which seeds do I currently have growing?  This is what I have planted:


Fruit & Vegetables


Beetroot (Cardinal F1 Hybrid) Rosemary
Carrot (Atlas) Basil
Leek (Lancelot) Coriander
Lettuce (Dazzle) Flat-Leaf Parsley
Spring Onion (Pompeii) Chives
Parsnip (Arrow) Thyme
Mangetout (Sugar Snow Green) Sage
Spinach (Picasso F1 Hybrid)  
Tomato (Sweet ‘n’ Neat)  
Turnip (Atlantic)  
Pepper (Sweet Ingrid)  
Radish (Amethyst)  
Salad Leaves (Cut ‘n’ Come Again)  


Actually I haven’t yet planted the Spinach or Lettuce – will get onto those two this weekend.  I need to get a few more pots to grow those in, I have used up all the ones I’ve got.  As I had so many seeds, I thought I would plant some of them for friends.

Seeds for friends

Some of the seeds are unable to be planted directly outside straight away.  The windowsill in my bedroom has now become a make-shift greenhouse, which hasn’t gone down to well!

Pots on the windowill

We also have a furry little visitor that likes to come into the garden on a regular basis, who likes to dig up any pots that don’t appear to have anything in them.  So needed to do a little bit of squirrel proofing on the pots.

Squirrel Proofing

Now it’s a waiting game.  Waiting to see those first shoots appear, waiting to see if anything will actually grow and then waiting for everything to be ready.  I will post updates on how they are all growing.  Then, once they are ready to be harvested, tasty recipes using these vegetables and herbs.


  1. As you know I lost my allotment plot early this year in a fire, so I am now having to grow in my own tiny garden plot, as well as pots. So this information is really handy.

    I am also so excited to read that you are growing, so will def. be following your progress. You certainly have got a load of seed packets there. You can get a dwarf variety of runner (hestia) and some green beans. I grew some in pots, not only pretty, but yields well. Totally recommend.

    PS Growing in the house/windowsills has not gone down too well in my home either, but remind the loved one - they'll be enjoying them soon!

  2. I see so much promise in those photos! Looking forward to checking back in on your progress.