Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Keith Floyd 1943 - 2009

KEITH FLOYD 1943 - 2009

Yesterday one of the pioneers of television cookery has left us. Without a doubt he was one of the most charismatic personalities that graced our screens. I sure we all have fond memories of Keith, whether that be always having a glass of wine in one hand, his light-hearted banter with who he was cooking with, or directing Clive his cameraman with "don't look at me look at the dish" or "back to me".

I can always remember being entranced by his chaotic presenting and cooking. it grabbed you and made you keep watching. If he made a mistake, which he did quite a few times, he just carried on and made the best of it. He always made the best of any situation and kept going. I can remember an episode when he is cooking in the middle of a square in some foreign town. It is blowing a gale, hammering down with rain and a thunderstorm kicking off. He didn't stop, he carried on with the production crew holding umbrellas over him. In another episode he was cooking on a beach, but the tide was coming in fast and by the time he had finished the dish, the sea was almost up to his knees.

Keith was the first chef to take to the road, and leave the studio behind. To be cooking on trawlers out at sea. Being the first to travel around the world touring countries. He brought many different cuisines into our homes. For me Keith Floyd will always be a legend. One person who I would have loved to have the pleasure of meeting.

As I write this, I sit here with a glass of red wine in tribute and in the memory of Keith Floyd who will be sadly missed. Rest in peace.


  1. I feel bad because I'd never heard of him until he died. I left England before the 80's and never heard of him here in the US. But he seems a nice man, and I enjoyed the BBC clip about cooking mussels.

  2. Only just found this blog. I know the sad passing of our beloved Floyd was a while ago but we still regularly watch his DVDs & his clips are a regular on a very popular Saturday morning cooking show.

    Rest in peace dear boy, never let your glass become empty.