Saturday, 15 August 2009

Rich Pickings

Phew! What a busy week. I had the week off looking after my niece and nephew - and had a great time. Although I think I could do with another week off to recover. For one of the days out, I decided to take them to a Pick Your Own Farm. Not just because I wanted to go, but I knew they would enjoy it too. I also think it is so important for children to understand where food comes from, and how it gets to their plate. My niece and nephew are lucky in this regard already, as they have a fantastic vegetable plot at the very end of their garden. We have a great Pick Your Own Farm nearby (in fact they own two - one in Iver and the other in Cookham) - Copas Farms.

They grow a HUGE selection of fruit and vegetables for you to pick from May to September. The cropping seasons starts in May with you being able to pick your own asparagus, and ends in September with Raspberries, Plums, Apples, Runner Beans and Sweetcorn. They have a great website ( that has a chart showing what they are cropping in each month, as well as an updated list of what they are currently picking. They even have a 24hr telephone number that has a recorded message giving you up to the moment information on what is available.

They allow you to have a taste of the food that you are picking, but not to blatantly just eat as you go round, and they have many signs up telling you that nothing is free and not to eat anything. My nephew has taken note of these signs. So as we were picking the peas in the pod, I opened a pod to try to see what they were like - much to the disgust of my nephew, who thought we were going to get into trouble. I tried to get him to taste a single pea - but he wouldn't have it as he thought we would get kicked out or not be allowed to leave.

If you want to go and get the freshest produced bang in season, then you should get yourself down to your nearest pick your own farm. Not only is it great fun (we had a gloriously hot sunny day, and took a picnic along), but you are also getting produce as fresh as you can giving you the taste you do not get if you buy it from a supermarket.

We came away with a bounty of Victoria Plums, Beetroot, Runner Beans, Peas in the Pod, Bramley Apples, Discovery Apples, Strawberries and Raspberries.

They also have a farm shop selling various other local products. I picked up a bottle of something that I had never used before - Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil. It comes from a farm in Tring called P.E Mead & Sons. I look forward to using that soon. I've already set my reminder to go back in May and pick my own asparagus......


  1. Wow, what a great crop. Sadly we don't have such things where I live in south west Scotland, it is more sheep and cattle country and not good for growing any quantity of fruit or veg. Further north and east there are great strawberries and rasps, but we live in a frost pocket so they just don't survive. Well done on starting your blog, looks really interesting.

  2. I just found this .....what a great review !! Hope yo see you again as the season is starting soon
    Peter shaw
    Fruit farms manager
    Copas farms